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“Thank you all for your support, which will help us to continue to grow.” – F.T.


Kosmos was founded in Reggio Emilia in 1992. Its network of mother-tongue professionals can provide organizations that work on foreign markets with a comprehensive, efficient language service and ensure that they present a diligent, competent image.
Kosmos has grown and evolved since it was first established. It has supported the internationalization process of companies and continually kept up to date with the developments in technology and IT that have revolutionized the communication sector.
As we move forward in the new millennium, Kosmos now operates in Italy (Reggio Emilia and Monza), Switzerland (Lugano), Germany (Hamburg), the UK (East Grinstead) and Spain (Cordoba).


Its expertise, reliability and constant attentiveness have encouraged prestigious companies and professional figures from all over the world and every field to work with Kosmos. The high quality of its services is guaranteed by its compliance with EN ISO 9001 standard and EN ISO 17100, the specific international standard for translation service providers.

Expert translators and interpreters work for Kosmos in all fields, including banking and finance, economics, business, law, public relations, advertising, marketing, management, human resources, fashion, entertainment, tourism, wine and food, nutrition, sport, computing, engineering, mechanics, electronics, manuals, telecommunications, architecture, medicine, pharmacy, beauty, cosmetics, natural sciences, literature and religion.

The use of exclusive project management and company organization techniques helps to produce accurate, quick results of an extremely high standard. A targeted statistics and management system has been introduced for daily monitoring of the efficiency of every stage in the working process.

With 20 years of experience behind it, Kosmos has developed the awareness, understanding and know-how required to provide an outstanding global communication and language service which can support the internationalization of its clients and lead them to worldwide success.

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Universal Declaration of Human Rights


Kosmos has always been highly sensitive to social issues. It supports the education campaign promoted by the non-profit Association for Human Rights and Tolerance, which aims to raise awareness of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights proclaimed by the United Nations on 10 December 1948 and to support the principles of peace and tolerance.

At Kosmos, we strive to break down the language barriers that have existed from time immemorial by placing our experience and professional skills at the disposal of people and companies.
We work closely with our clients as we seek to achieve the common goal of promoting communication within and beyond the borders of our country.
We embrace the objectives and needs of our clients and share in their satisfaction.

logoisoWhat does QUALITY mean for a translation agency? 
It means being able to give a comprehensive, effective response to the needs of clients who want to venture onto emerging markets, excel on a national and international basis and stand out by consistently conveying an image of expertise and reliability. More »

logo-federlingueKosmos is a member of Federlingue, an Italian association that was founded in 1996 to represent the providers of Language Services such as Translation, Interpreting, Language Teaching, Localization and Internationalization. This "language pool" aims to bring together all of the activities in the field. More »

logo-aieKosmos is a member of the Association of Ethical Entrepreneurs (League of Honesty). The goal of this non-profit, non-political organization is to join together people - and in particular entrepreneurs and professional figures - who want to see reforms that promote an ethics-based society.

ifoaKosmos ha aderito al progetto europeo Q-Placement, attraverso il partner italiano IFOA, il centro di formazione e servizi delle Camere di Commercio. Ospitiamo giovani da tutto il mondo per contribuire allo sviluppo di competenze e professionalità.
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