What does quality mean for a translation agency?

logoisoCompliance with the ISO 9001 international standard and the EN ISO 17100 European standard specifically for translation services ensures that the translation work done by Kosmos is always of outstanding quality.

ISO 9001 now sets the internationally recognized benchmark for the certification of Quality Management Systems in organizations of any size and in any area of production.

EN ISO 17100 is a European standard which establishes requirements that must be satisfied by translation agencies when providing their services. It focuses in particular on the methods, quality management and traceability of the services on offer.

What are the objectives of the certification process and what benefits does it offer to clients?

The certification process:

  • reassures clients that the company is working in compliance with the requirements of the specific standards for quality management and translation services;
  • adds credibility to the commitments made, thanks to audits by an independent third party;
  • allows optimum use of time and resources, thus leading to an increase in productivity;
  • helps to reduce costs, boost income and therefore improve the overall efficiency of the company;
  • ensures that the company obeys the law, and promotes ongoing improvements to the company’s services;

For further information about this matter, feel free to ask for a copy of the Kosmos Quality Handbook.