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Feedback from a translator
“I have been working with Kosmos for many years and it has been a truly delightful experience. They are friendly and accommodating, they send me interesting work, they provide very helpful feedback and they always pay me on time. I would have no hesitations about advising my fellow translators to work with this outstanding company!” – K.H.

What we expect from you

We are always looking for new people to contribute to the ongoing expansion of our business and our mission of playing as big a part as possible in the communication between companies and their customers, publishing houses and their readers, and professional figures and their clients.
The members of our team live all over the world. They love languages and have vast knowledge of them, especially their mother tongues. We only work with people who translate into their own language and we expect them to be professional, diligent and dependable. We want to work with people who love their jobs, and we aim to establish lasting relationships with them. We are also prepared to share our working methods – which satisfy the requirements of the ISO 9001 and EN ISO 17100 standards – with them and support them on both a professional and personal level in every stage of the process. In exchange, we ask them to show an equal amount of understanding and professionalism.

Current Vacancies

Translators – Voice-over artists
We are always looking for native speakers with expertise in any language and any field. We have a database which was specially designed for our business and our requirements. This tool proves invaluable in the search for the ideal person for each project. We are always happy to receive and consider applications from translators, interpreters and voice-over artists. We usually ask translators to do a short translation test, which will be assessed in-house. Enter your CV by clicking on the link to the left.

We carefully examine CVs from experienced simultaneous and consecutive interpreters who work in all of the European and Asian languages. Send your details to

Project Manager
We are looking for a qualified person to join our team as a Project Manager. They must be a native Spanish speaker and have recognized training in the field and a passion for languages. Experience gained in areas related to translation is indispensable, as well as the desire and willingness to work in a team and a distinctively professional manner. Familiarity and experience with the main CAT tools is also requested. Please send your CV to the following address

Become a Partner of Kosmos

Do you work in web design, graphic design, communication or advertising? Would you like to expand your business and offer your clients new services?
Take advantage of our twenty years of experience in the field of translations and language services: by selling our work on to your clients, you can satisfy all of their translation needs, boost their loyalty and - thanks to the competitive rates that we can offer you - you may even be able to make extra profit!

To find out more, send an email to